Intimacy And That Hour Of Love

Oh! Magical hour of that  moment,

When you and I started a  holy joy;


Oh! The power of thy eyes sting my heart,

Which now, spreads ultimately a pain of high:


And at my wits end, I’d gone solely fired,

Let this secret and unseen act of love denied*


Except God, I think all are behind the scene,

Of this testimony, and holy joys we’ve been:


For love’s religion, I’ll fight tooth and nail,

Half hidden, half shine to take delight in weal.


Not for a single minute, I wanna off this glance,

Nor be forget her feet, how can they dance.


Serenity of peace,  and thou perfect perfume,

Holy wine of thy lips, let be suck-in at your fine.


Piercing and stabbing me yet,

Recalling when that hour of love,


Heart throbbed and lips tried to kiss,

Eyes blazed and that intimate hug,


Alas!  Tattered life and that small grudge,

Spoiled all in blink of an eye,


Oh’ my bard let stop thy furious gaze to stab me more,

And thy eyes to pester not my bruised being,


Prethee!  For God’s sake,

Let me forget and to live.


                                                                   ~ Sakeena Jabeen and Amar Shaw Saleem Jakhar


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