December feels a little like the mountains, a little fresh,

and a lot of cold,

somewhat like the smell of old letters,

and rust,

and soft cotton-candy

a bit like the snug blankets, comforting the

soft, pale skin

and vibrant pupils


in golden sunlight.


December feels a lot like you,

reticent and yearning,

never to look back again.

december calls for a toast,

to new beginnings,

and maybe not-so-happy endings,

december shall be

a host to all the memories,

memories that won’t ever,

come home.


December will be back

once again,

and one more time again,

till we lose count,

of how many decembers it takes

to forget the ghost of you.


December is when I feel a little bit blue.


                                                                                                 ~ Kathakali Banerjee



  1. Sayak Banerjee

    Lovely ❤️

  2. Richismita Hazra

    So well written…

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