Adieu With Hope

Simple was life

As it should be!


Then came the insight to imbibe

Imbibe that which you said and

They said..

Imbibe that though I won’t have uttered

Even if did, won’t have meant so…


Cajoled stood I many a times unaware of been

Frustrated on the unintentional discourse

Finally I arose..


Done was I will all the camouflage

Done was I with all the perceptions

Done was I with all the speculations


I am not what you think or they think

Nor am I to great extent what I myself think

Adieu I bid to those all thoughts


Higher is the ladder to lay my steps on

Out with joy should my action count

Programmed am not but surely willed

Each day is mine: Now came the insight


Simple now is life

As it should be


                                                  ~ Anila Pillai

                                                      Surat, India

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