A Golden Afternoon

During the summer vacation, Muna and

her sister Suna went to the picnic spot.

But the picnic spot was crowded with

some school children of the village.

However, everyone assembled in one place

and they started to play few games.

Sometime later, they entered a hall

for meals and had delicious food.

When the afternoon sun was getting low,

a sailor brought a boat near the shore.

Muna and Suna who were eager to see

some sceneries, boarded into that boat.

After travelling few times by the side of

the river, they could notice a garden.

While conversing Muna expressed about

that beautiful garden to her sister Suna.

In the golden afternoon, they could see

few birds were flying over that garden.

Both the sisters got down from the boat and

went to sit inside the garden very happily.

Though it was a cozy and welcoming place,

but younger sister Suna felt uncomfortable.

It seems unfortunately she might have seen

something was moving inside the garden.

Though Muna was trying to convince

her sister that the garden is secured,

but Suna who was restless, thought that

the world was a wonderful place.

She closed her eyes for some time to reduce

the fear of the unfavorable environment.

Both the sisters waited for some time and

then started to walk inside the garden.

While watching the butterflies, younger sister

Suna became energetic to catch it herself.

It was sunset and the birds were beginning

to return to their respective nests.

Sometime later, both the sisters were walking

happily along the long road of the river.

After spending a beautiful afternoon, both

reached home before darkness set in.


                                                                                                 ~ Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar

                                                                                                    New Delhi, India

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