Work Even in the Times of Exhaust

There is so much to achieve in life

Getting to know your self will help you ignite

You can’t just stroll in your imagination

You have to work hard to fulfill your ambition


Keep dreaming high but sow the seeds first

You need to take care of your reality to bear fruits even in frost

Be strategic in anything you do lest you’ll get lost

You might not be able to bear the pain so understand the future and work even in the times of exhaust


Be the first in anything you do

Don’t procrastinate nor you’ll lose

Take immediate action as soon as you get permission

Keep learning to sharpen your skills for more evolution


Times are harsh but it gets soft

You need to understand what it needs first

Get along with your passion and work in collaboration with time

Both of you have to sing your desires in same lyrics to rhyme.



                                                                                             ~ Moin Uddin

                                                                                           Kathmandu, Nepal

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  1. Thoughts without any action is an abortion of it (ie of those beautiful thoughts)…Pt Nehru believed in this.
    You have presented this same idea very well in your poem.

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