When Her World Collapsed

The star- studded night the day before

                             Enveloped with the rising moon

                              Quietly slid away as the morn sunshine

                               Hastily rode into the sky

                               The sunbeams spread drowning the stars

                                The moon disappeared

                                Behind the gathering grey clouds

                               Evening crept silently eliminating the sun

                              The stars, the moon shivered


                             Hid themselves

                             Trembling at the thrashing clouds

                             The day was sore no one aware what was in store

                             As usual, he went to enjoy a game of tennis

                           Happy to join his friends

                           After a long, long lockdown stay at home

                          “I’ll be home after an hour or so,” he said to his adorable wife


                           Waving a fond goodbye vanished from view

                           As the pretty, doting wife closed the door behind him

                           All of a sudden, the clouds clashed

                           A roaring thunder pierced the shrieking ears

                           As a mild voice urged her to visit the hospital

                           Where her precious jewel

                           Lay unaware of his enveloping dark world

                            She rushed madly to perceive her beloved

                           Though with open eyes

                            Blank and stable, unrecognizable

                            Mouth aghast surprised with a question mark

                            Writ large and grey

                            Lifeless hands dangling down the bed

                            Staggered, no words could she scream

                            As her gorgeous world collapsed abruptly

                           The ground slipped beneath her feet

                           Even as she struggled to believe the unbelievable

                           Barely an hour ago her jolly hubby smiling and waving

                          Assuring to return within an hour

                           To enjoy the delectable dishes

                           His adorable wife daily prepared for him

                          Had left her inconsolably alone in this wide, wide world

                          The wailing thunder in her heart matched the raging clouds

                           Clashing and beating the earth with whipping fury

                         “Oh, God, is this true? Has he left me alone without a word?”

                          “No, no this is a lie; who will believe this rotten news?”

                           “What will I tell my little children away in a foreign land?”

                             In the morning he had spoken to them as always


                          “How can I convey this dreadful news to his doting children?

                            His apples of the eye,”


                           Assuring herself that teary prayers will bring him back

                           She closed her eyes

                           To muster up her fading courage to finally accept

                           Her loved one will never return to her

                           The night was long the night was fierce

                           The moonless night darkened the groaning earth beneath

                           The birds became silent, sharing the grief

                           The blooming roses, his favorite closed their petals

                           As if aware of the befallen tragedy

                           Phones began to tamper the night

                            Shrilly shrieking the horrible truth

                             Dismayed the family sobbed

                             A young blissful life snatched rudely from their midst

                            The young, young girls unable to believe the fateful news

                            Sob incessantly

                            As tearfully, they boost their courage for the last rites

                           God in heaven looked down upon them

                            Probably to console the inconsolable

                           Even as the young teary wife gathers up her courage

                            To bid a last farewell to her better half

                             Putting up a brave front before her youthful siblings

                             Now grown overnight with grave responsibilities

                            God spare them from this torturous suffering

                            Bless them with your peace

                            Protect the family from all harm

                           Give them the courage to fight this tiring world

                          With grace and beauty

                          Lead them on the path of your glory

                          Never to falter, never to lose their will

                          Never to lose Hope

                         To rise above the ashes

                        Om Shanti


                                                                                   ~ Shobha Diwakar 

                                                                                   Jabalpur, India

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  1. It’s true a sudden demise of a loved one who was as healthy as one can be is like a mountain crashing down on you. Yes in such situations young children mature overnight. The burden of pain & tragic misery besides new responsibilities must be weighing on all of them terribly. Let’s pray for the dear departed’s soul to rest in peace & may God give his loving family the courage to face this terrible loss.

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