We Dance Life’s Rhythm

Magnificent moon shimmers!

It’s bright light with the clouds peeps,

The horizon is greatly enchanting.

Satiating my desires,

Soothing to my eyes.

Immense luminescence,

Showers abundance!


Let it be love, faith and hope!

Let those envelop our world!

Let those virtues dance

And imbibe in our hearts,

Then radiate from our inner beings!

What a great world, would it be.

Filled with hope, faith and love.


I could feel the energy of the wind.

Brushing from my bodies within,

Let these wind be my breath

And whisper to the world my very depth,

Let vitality be used for humanity,

A life force that attracts mutuality,

Respect, kindness, and solidarity.


Let the love radiates love in multitude.

As positivity radiates positivity in altitude.

We can conquer all, as we dance life’s rhythm.



                                                                                                ~ Rosella Dacquel 



  1. Juvy Lyn Gando

    Congratulations po for another wonderful composition of yours!

  2. Rosella Dacquel

    Hello..thanks much po mam Juvylyn. You are so sweet and talented too!
    God bless po?

  3. Cynthia Cabral

    Positivity is Godliness. Very inspiring. God bless you and your family

  4. Rosella Dacquel

    Thanks much mam Cynthia Cabral?

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