Those Undiluted Bliss

My senses trudge along a trail nostalgic

I am on my way to travel back in time

and curate an ebullient ecstasy


A sojourn in my teens

in the blissful company of kin

to an island of endless horizon

hugged by sea from all sides

that offered a vast stretch of sun-kissed beach

and swelling echoes of aquamarine

the mighty waves

pitied against white sands

left trailing silhouettes of bubbles

I vividly reminisce


The rapture of tall coconut trees

swinging to the ways of the wind

nodding in affirmation

to the ongoing tryst…

between the shore and the sea

my gypsy soul

recounts with predilection and glee


The long expanse above

with rippling wavy clouds

too had conceived a secret plan

sprung a surprise and enthralled core

by sprinkling celestial splendour


Today… after walking life’s long miles

I sit quietly beside sea’s foamy brims

contemplate going crazy…yet cannot

do not know whether I fail or nature fails

in fetching those towering grandeur and undiluted bliss!



                                                                                       ~ Sujata Dash

                                                                                               Bhubaneswar, India

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  1. Beautiful poem!

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