The Tears of Joy

Tears of joy I knew, when you came to my life

As a life-long companion as my caring wife

The joy of your presence radiated to my family

My friends and relative sharing the joy largely


A wave of emotion surges out as a blissful cry

The heart filled in ecstasy higher we fly

Forgetting the limitation of life we must comply

Reach the realm of immortal bliss that lay high


The tears of joy from my home I shed

Reverberated to people living in poorly built shed

Throughout the time after which, I felt glad

You gave me pride that I walk with the high held head


The series of the blissful moment I got to experience

That your presence in my life made me prudence

I leant to enjoy the love of family with your presence

I now walk my life with you filled in pleasance


We long for our loved ones to be forever near

With whom, a moment of joy or agony we share

To cry the tears of joy, without shyness or fear

When excessive joy let emotion spill out as tears


                                                                                    ~ Deepak Raj Chetri


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  1. Pain & joy go hand in hand. God’s ways are mysterious beyond our comprehension. At times with tears & at other times with a smile we have to accept what is in store for us.

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