The Rectangles

The mighty Chief has this to say,

“Hear all my subjects,

I’m about to give,

the ultimate gift

that I have to think.

Tell me the shape that will be most fit.


The wealthy man stood,

“Oh mighty Chief, give me a circle,

Where riches and treasures thrive like a lair.

Sprouting and flowing here and everywhere.

The most precious gift

That you will give

To all your people

My wish, Oh Lord!”


The pauper shyly rise,

“Oh great Chief, what I simply want,

Is a square that’s really flat.

Just like a Judge

 Who’s fair enough,

 And will not corrupt.

Providing equal justice

To all your servants.”


“Hear me, my people!

I see your wants and feel your woes.

The shapes and cast that filled you most,

Are not the ones that fits you best.

The rich will not have the circle that’s his lust,

The poor cannot own the square that seems his want.

I now declare that everyone in my care

Should have a rectangle,

As the legacy that I’ll dare.

The moment you conclude your lengthy sojourn

You’ll have a rectangle for your earthly home.

For you are a dust,

And you’ll return naked and simple

To the destiny of all.”


                                          ~ Emeteria G. Balotabot


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