The Future…

The future is here, the future is there,
and it’s everywhere.
It is neither near nor far,
It is neither seen nor heard,
but it exists in all spheres of life.

The future flows with time.
The past and present were once a future in prime.
Everything changes when time matures,
nothing remains but the dreams,
that better things are yet to come.

There is nothing wrong to dream,
For it is only in dreams,
We have the opportunity to see what we can’t see,
to hear what we can’t hear,
and do things that we can’t do
and take the chance to transform the dream into reality.

It is a timeless and intangible entity
that our life is strongly hooked to it
and we dearly hold with unreasonable reasons
dwelling in the hindsight of uncertainty
of the future yet to be seen and known.

I am responsible for everything now and later
for the future that I will dwell upon
Hence, I have no choice between good or bad, bright or dark, happy or sad
I shall live with what the future holds for me
because the future knows the best I deserve.

The future is here, the future is there,
and it’s everywhere.
It can neither be pushed nor be pulled,
Let it crawl or run at its own pace
according to the design of the devine above
far beyond our hopes and expectations.

                                                                                               ~ Yeshi Nidup

                                                                                               Phuentsholing, Bhutan

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