The Challenge

You were showered with talents and gifts

In your journey on earth, for you to exist

Multiply them and give your life some twists

Gratitude to the living Giver you should never miss.


Poverty is never a hindrance to a life with bliss

Lack of opportunity and hopelessness can be dismissed

Gather your strength and make the Lord pleased

Much had been given for your success indeed.


Live your life to its fullest and with zest.

You were blessed with the Lord’s best.

Make your journey on earth, a wonderful quest.

Disregard negativities and face life without stress..


May this challenge be your inspiration.

Your lives were blessed and equipped for your aspirations.

Let us be hopeful , Life on earth is just a preparation.

In the kingdom of our living God, your final destination.


                                                                                         ~  Dr. Luzviminda Rivera

                                                                                        Tarlac Province, Philippines

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