The Call of Winter…

The days are running

and nights are crawling

and the Sun seemed to have become lazy

as it rises late, making us wait and go crazy.

Every heart is longing for the warmth of it

as the winter days are too cold for the old bones and skinny body.

How do I keep the winter days filled with fun?


It soars my eyes to see the trees naked

and the mountains with snow.

I emphathise the trees and the mountains,

but I can only stare and shun.

Yet, the trees are silently breathing

and the mountains still bearing dreadful cold.

How do I stop the coming of winter?


There is hope of spring, when winter will be gone soon

all we can fantasize now is warm, beautiful, and chirpy spring,

awaiting for us after this winter chill

wondering, if there would be spring without winter thrill?


If it is the call of nature

and the call of winter

I shall embrace and endure the winter- hardship with grace

with the hope of spring, full of glee and warmth and the happiness.



                                                                                            ~ Yeshi Nidup

                                                                                               Phuentsholing, Bhutan

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  1. Great work , keep writing sir.

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