The Boiling Water Letter

Why is it I keep thinking as I leave

did I leave the water on

will I come home

and find the apartment gone


She left in the morning

she took the key

and all I had to do was wait

I fixed myself coffee


You know—here I am

I put it off a day

we lay around yesterday

and the day before—overstay


Now the flight’s delayed

the same crowd’s here

they’ve already spent the night

on the house—they jeer


and even at the Grand Banquet

put on by the airline

they’re told they’ll have to wait

before they dine


Everyone gets one portion

for eight hours boredom

and you hear promises of flight calls

so often you ignore ‘em


Then I wake up a man

who’s sleeping and doesn’t hear

the boarding call—he thanks me

and treats me to a beer


and then we’re gone

a flight longer than

the wait and I wish

I was a younger man


All I can think about

is did I leave the water on

the whole scene’s boiling over

and is never done


                                                      ~ David Francis


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