The Beautiful Nature

I left my house before sunrise,

and wandered lonely in the morning.

Nature is future of our life, which gives

us happiness and keeps us in good health.

Nature is our life because I feel happiness

when I look at the blue sunshine sky.

I love nature, as I feel happiness when

I go to visit the beautiful grassland.

I love long blades of grass swaying in

the breeze and the surrounding fresh air.

I love to hear farmer’s song and bird’s

songs which give me peace.

When the sun is rising and the flower

blossomed, I always go to the garden.

I love to enjoy sunset over nature and

I love to smell the scent of flowers.

I feel the precious moment of dawn and

go to lonely place for trekking amidst nature.

I love to see the wind and torrential rain

when it is falling on the trees and park.

I love to walk on the roof on moonlit night,

and watch stars through glittering eyes.

Walking towards fields, I love to watch

dancing butterflies and enjoy their

 movements. I love songbird’s woven

nest and birds collecting dry grass.

I love to listen pigeon’s cooing voice,

and to see their flight as I offer them seeds.

I love to see fluttering of pelicans, geese,

and some scented flower plants.

I love to see bee hovering over a flower

and the grasshopper disturbing the bee.

I love the delicate butterflies

who need grassland for their home.

I love to see green parrots in the trees

and love to hear bird’s song.

I love to see paddy land, row of trees,

and birds, sunlight and clouds.

I love to see stars which are visible in

the dark surface of sky at night.


                                                                                                 ~ Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar

                                                                                                         New Delhi, India

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