The Autumn

Autumn the glorious season of fall

Trees exhibit its beauty before leaves fall

Symbolizing the brevity of life of all

The amazing beauty bids farewell to its soul


Autumn changes the beauty of the land

The gentle wind lets fallen leaves fanned

Where the trunks remain naked and tanned

It’s time for the nature to mend


With the onset of the autumn season

Trees prepare for its new blossom

With tender buds best chosen

Filling up the world’s chasm


Autumn symbolises that beauty do not last long

Even the fragrance of flower and nightingale’s song

The living being be ugly, beautiful, weak or strong

Has to bid adieu one day, when its time is gone


Autumn symbolises that every creation follows annihilation

Between life and its death exhibits its causation

Be it someone holding great fame or in deflation

Everything created by God has its timely cessation


                                                                                                ~ Deepak Raj Chetri 


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