Talented, Poor and Hopeful

The dodging beggars dodge along the streets

The dancing girls displaying the best dancing deeps

The shopkeepers selling their goods

Such talents are hidden under the feet


Endowed the good winced, the bad snorted

Determination of will and hope would be clashed

Humanly desires grow up high, ye eats the poor’s flash

Hard working farmers can’t meet their both ends


The sincerity of men dismissing every excuse,

To nurture the passion of ones vision almost cruse

Perhaps their poverty keeps them The hope of will

To live, hard or ease, ye is the fate, they have to drill


Beyond all the limitation, respect  their treasures

Cheerfully bounded with it, never seen back

Going and growing up, through the dark

Until the good time coming, to see thy ventures


                                                                             ~Amar Shaw Saleem

                                                                                Khairpur, Pakistan

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