Silence is loud,

It is all around.

It’s laborious to listen to the sound of silence with ears, it is the language only heard by souls.

Now there’s no hurry, no tantalising thoughts,

My soul is penetrating this world of stillness.

It is gratifying the senses,

It is illuminating my mind,

It is answering loudly my all questions.

It is a vast mystic leeway that lies deep within.

Soaking my body in this mystic space, I can now finally listen to miraculous wonders,

My soul is evolving and consciousness of mind is rising in this silence,

And that confusion, quietness, numbness, unworthiness is withering now.

With the language of quietness, my heart is talking to the whole macrocosm.

My heartbeat is cascading the unspoken feelings, finally freeing itself from barriers of uncertainty.

This stretching, beautiful and defining stillness is unraveling every misconception,

It is showing me my true reflection.

And finally, I’m expressing myself truly in this quietness,

Hence inamorato,

Will you be able to lend an ear from your spirit, if I articulate this silence in silence?


                                                                   ~ Aakanksha Sharma

                                                                     Delhi, India 


  1. Siddharth Khatri

    Silence, indeed, is loud ! Well written piece. Amazing.

  2. Love it. 🌠

  3. ❤️

  4. Ashi Sharma

    Awesome! ❤💯

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