Scary Unpredictability!

‘Unpredictability is really a scary thing!’

All by herself in her room she sat

Lost in a world of fantasy

The smile on her face

Deepened her dimples

Her face lit up with joy

She hoped to share her dreams so

Eagerly she waited..

For her ‘hubby dear’ to come home

But alas! What came was a phone call..

Beckoning her to a hospital..

All her joyful thoughts

Transformed into a nightmare!

A dreadfully agonizing cold feeling flooded through her

She rushed to the hospital–

To be numbed at the sight of ‘hubby dear’

Lying with hands dangling loosely

And eyes wide open!

Her world shattered..

Drained of all energy traumatized she stood glued

Staring at her healthy hubby–

Gone to another world much before his time!

The harrowing sight–

Killed a major part of her from within

The inundated eyes could no longer

Hold the fort

The dam broke loose as..

Inconsolably she sobbed

She couldn’t believe he who was

A strong healthy active man

Could be snapped off his life so cruelly!

‘Oh God what has happened!’

She cried to herself

‘Why? Oh why did you snatch away my beloved–

At the peak of his life?

No harm he ever did to anyone..

In fact, a very generous & a kind hearted man he always was!

Pray, tell me, is that a crime?

Maybe you needed such a man in your kingdom


What about his wife ( that’s me) &

Our loving children?

Our need is greater than yours..

Oh God, I’m sorry to say so…

But I’m sure you will understand

I implore you to tell me-

What should we do now?

How will we cross this unpredictable scary sea of a stormy life?

I urge you to help, please help us O God!

I implore you to guard, guide & protect us from all evil eyes, doers & accusers

Bless us with strength to shoulder

This gigantic irreparable, irreplaceable loss of our lifetime

To a brighter land you have undoubtedly taken him but you…

Left us in the pitch darkness of abysmal grief & pain

My children, though they put up a strong front

They are absolutely heartbroken

They say, ‘Their ‘Papa’ didn’t deserve…

Such a harsh blow & I completely agree with them!’

They loved him selflessly just as he did

They were the gems of his life

Great plans they had for their parents but now everything

Has blown off into smoke within a matter of few minutes

Their smile has transformed into..

Tear stained cheeks & swollen red eyes

Oh my God, how do I get back their beautiful sweet smiling face?

Please help us in bearing this unendurable, unexpected loss

And God..

Now that he’s in your world

Please take care of him

He has been a very good & a kind man

Ever ready to help people especially those in need.

Our dearest beloved–

Though physically you no longer with us

In our heart & mind you will always live.

We pray for your soul to rest in peace

Ohm Shanti! Shanti! Shanti!’


                                                                                          ~Anuradha S. Bannore

                                                                                          Vadodara, Gujarat, India


  1. Siddharth Khatri

    This drove me just Speechless

  2. Ms Bannore this heart wrenching poem brought tears into my eyes
    God’s ways are so unpredictable, so harsh and agonising
    Grief and loss irreparable
    Family stunned with unbearable grief
    And disbelief
    They say time heals wounds however the cracks never do
    V pray for the family
    V pray for their good health
    V pray that this sorrow makes them stronger to face this trauma
    N May The departed soul rest in peace
    N as a guardian angel take care of his bereaved lonely family
    I desperately wonder
    Does The departed soul know he’s no longer with his loved ones but in another world?
    Painfully at a loss to seek an answer
    If only The departed could but speak a word of good bye to his loved ones
    Om shanti

  3. Thanks Mr Khatri & Ms Shobha.
    Yes it’s true that no one knows whether the departed soul knows he has suddenly left his dear ones forever. This poem is based on a true incident that took place recently. 🙏Ohm Shanti! Shanti! Shanti!🙏

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