Resilient Though

Sparkling tiny lights hover the dark sky,

As tiny fairies at night play high.

I heard the music of the gentle wind.

Slowly caressing the leaves of the bamboo trees.

Tall and erect are the guardians of the forest.


Someone screamed “A dark cloud is rushing”

Fairies cried, wept day and night.

Horses run, here and there.

Ashes of fury came and swept the way.

And the tiny lights were gone and now unseen.


Death and diseases came and invaded,

Everything on earth, once rich was dreaded.

But when I looked at the bamboo tree,

It stayed erected and tall.

I saw the windblown and unleashed its might.

But the bamboo tree stayed erected and tall.


I fell asleep and dreamt of the fairies.

Waking me up with their tiny lights.

As bright as before, nothing changed everything’s back.


                                                                                                 ~ Nelia Garcia Gutierrez


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