My Winsome Lady

If you were a butterfly I would be a rose

Giving you sweet nectar and space to dose

 When you fly away I would change the place

 And grow again to give you bigger space


 If you were a sunflower I would be the sun

 Shining rays of love on you wherever you turn

 I would keep shining my lights on you

 To dry up from you the chill morning dew


 If you were a mermaid, I would be the sea

Letting you enough space to swim in glee

I would dance with you creating a tide

Giving you comfort and ease of ride


 If you were an angel, I would be your paradise

 That would grant all your wishes without compromise

 I would fulfil all the things you wish for

 Dedicating all my life in your care


 You are now my lady compassionate and kind

Who is one out of million, and it is difficult to find

You reside in my heart and dwell in my mind

 In my thought, heart and mind you are confined


                                                                                    ~Deepak Raj Chetri


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  1. Beautifully written 👍

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