Love and Death

The rose bleeds

On a heartbroken hand,

The heart lies

Wildly quiet,

The last sunshine

Dies on an unknown horizon.

Amidst the complexity of the world

Lies a beautiful paradox,

And to see it

You need to

Open the eyes your heart beholds.

It takes a heart

To break one,

It takes a life

To die one,

It takes an alone

To love one,

But you gave me your love

To live on.


And even if you leave

When the last sunshine drops from the white clouds,

You’ll come back to me with the next sunrise

Loving me with your warm smile

Holding me in your lost breath.


Now as we lay

Side by side

Beneath the catastrophe of the mudboud earth,

We see a wistful hope

Of uniting once more


Even if the rotten leaves shadows our grave,

The light of our lives will outgrow the darkness;

Much like the little flower that grows on our grave

Decorating our death.


Although we now lie

Beneath the land on which we once walked,

Gaily, holding hands

I dream of you and me


Even if we are separated by years of death

I still share your soul and your mind;

Because when you are in love

Sometimes letting go is an art,

Maybe we know it better

For we ended to start.


                                                       ~ Debadrita Dey 

                                                        Kolkata, India


  1. Debasish Dey

    Very well written👍 Keep it up.

  2. Can’t believe it’s what I am reading!
    This is unbelievably excellent 👍

  3. This is so wonderfully penned. Your words made me read it all over again and I must say I’m awed by your expression. Keep going Debadrita.

  4. Debadrita Dey

    Thank you!

  5. Congrats on your beautiful poem & thanks for sharing it.

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