Is it Okay to Push Where Heart has Lost it’s Happiness?

And after experiencing work she questioned on her capabilities !!
Is it normal to express what it is or to hide from sharing as people might judge it
She has tried her best and got to do what she needed to do
And have come to the point where she can’t give more than what she could.

Is it okay to continue despite knowing her capabilities
Is it okay to push where heart has lost it’s happiness during the run of opinions of many
Or is it okay that she accepts her weaknesses and talk to authorities
And to come into the stillness of anxieties accepting the consequences of what could it hold for her future possibilities.

It isn’t easy and she knows it
But never before she has ever quit
What if she chooses this time to quit
Will people take it as a normal vanities not questioning on her possibilities to shine in other absurdities?

She wonders and wanders
She questions and seek answers
She is lost and is perplexed
Into the maze of work that gets complicated as days progresses.

                                                                                             ~ Moin Uddin

                                                                                              Kathmandu, Nepal

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