Grow to Glow

Oh my boy as you grow
Never sigh away from what life throws
Have the courage to lose the sight of shore
Only then will you discover more
Cherish all the friendships you grow
But keep away from the wrong ways though
Don’t hang your sails when winds don’t flow
Keep moving steady and slow
Learn from the losses more
Only to grow profits galore
Always know that in deep darkness
There is a little light that glows
Be guided by the good
Lead life as you should
May you grow to be fearless
But refrain from being careless
Oh my boy on your way to grow
Keep the courage to conquer and flow…


                                                                      ~ Arghyapratim Haldar

                                                                              Kolkata, India


  1. Sudip Haldar

    As I know, this has been, in fact, a thought of a father who was sitting thousands of miles away from his only son, a bright star stepping on to his eighth year.
    In lieu of a fabulous toy, a delicious cake or a set of garments, a piece of heart goes.

  2. Prasenjit Guha

    Brilliant. Keep it up. Keep writing.

  3. sumeet mathur

    Amazing description of what a father dreams for his son, mother’s affection is always talked about but a father’s feeling s come from the heart also, with such a poem.
    Keep up the spirits of a caring father.

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