Grizzle to Lord

Oh lord! Why is world  not the same for all,

Prudent child  both we are, small and tender like a doll;

One showered with  facile ways of life without any wall,

While the other struggle  to survive on every  fall ;

Oh Lord! child within I grizzle with a roll,

Fortune or unfortunate both ought to get the same call;


Fortuneless child I am, like a Trees found in forest,

With scant souls to invest on me to extract the best out,

Nutrients not acquired facilely from east or west,

I penetrate deep down with struggle to fetch the fondest invest;

Thereby hook me tight to soil, wind or rain firmly I can resist;

Learn to adapt and  dances to the rhythm of nature in rest;


Found my way out from all obstacles came like a wave of crest;

Unearth way to germinate using prudent nature elements suggest,

With wind, seeds I fly like a bird to disperse to far of place;

In water, I waft like a swan to displace to newest spot;

Uncared, yet I  grow naturally  green and lushest everywhere;

Unfortunate child I am, face rigid challenges to exist;


fortune child  I am, like a trees in an affluent Garden,

I grow green with exotic nutrients fed on surface right;

Not anxious to  stress on technique to deepen my root, That’s my pattern;

Caring souls provided Facile sources focusing even the slight,

Turn me slothful  and dependent, I rooted light ;

Trivial wind effortlessly uproot my trunk Like a feather by  breeze;

Oh Lord! Whom should I blame the cared souls,

Or  you for  not providing me the power to fight;


Lord reply’s  the child to grizzle of rolls,

Both the prudent children are the same in my Hall,

But the caring  souls transformed you child  based on fall,

One who fell more strengthen  to install erect;

While the one,  fell the least  chilled to lie and learnt to grizzle;



                                                                                   ~ Veena Satish



  1. Wow great poetry

  2. Very Nice

  3. satish paimpillil

    Beautiful compared

  4. Wow great poetry Veena

  5. Absolutely amazing poetry a big congratulations to you .

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