Food Eating Habits

Food is meant to nourish our body

and always satisfy our soul, but we

must control our food-eating habits.

We should chew our food slowly and

let flavors burst into mouth, but must

not force to finish the whole piece.

Phrase ‘forgive’ and ‘forget’ is easily

uttered by many, but when it comes

to doing the deed we shy away from it.

Green vegetables which are

cholesterol lowering and contain

antioxidants help in keeping diseases away.

We should avoid purees, samosas, fried

food and hot chips always, but I also

realized nothing is permanent in life.

Eating dry fruits and vegetables can

elevate our blood sugar levels, but some

are healthy for antioxidants.

It is true to say that fresh fruits contain

vitamins and the other nutrients are

helping in preventing illness.


                                                                                              ~ Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar

                                                                                                         New Delhi, India

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