Fly And Buzz

Oh monstrous bee…

When will you halt

Going down the flowers

That I love most.

You render them ugly

And the blossoms went so unsightly.


Oh pretty butterfly…

I admire your beauty

Filled with glory and pleasant harmony

I hover in the flowers

To shake the pollens

And fill their ovary

That will bear fruit for everybody.


Halt your deed

You stinking bee!

Why so obsessed in tearing down the glory?

Flowers gone, turned into berry.

And lost its fragrance, lost its majesty.


Oh butterfly dear, You admire the flowers

But not the leaves.

You lay your eggs and hatch them quick.

And feed on the foliage,

Thus the plant went dead!


How do you call that a noble task?

As I was so busy as a buzzing bee.

And your brood has devoured selfishly

All the leaves that they can see.


Oh how I wish that all the blossoms turn into fruits

And feed the mankind that I loved most.

I do not seek glory for my duty

But be a humble bee

Filled with humility.

                                                                                            ~ Nelia Garcia Gutierrez


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