Endure Oh Resilience!

Oh kingdom breeze how do you come?

From the north or south,

From above or below?


You came with joy, you showered smiles.

Over hills and plains, you sent your charm.


We felt your warmth.

Just like Venus, we feel the touch.

We lived, worked, dined, and drank.


But now it’s cold and very dark.

Agony, sadness and pain surround.

And the crowd falling one by one.

Fight, endure we do not stop.

For the journey is not yet over.


Oh now we live, we care.

We hope we work, we pray.


And be strong enough.

To feel the kingdom breeze that once came to us.

And with all the warmth and beauty,


That will caress our weary soul and minds

Forever and ever.


                                                                                                                                            ~Emeteria Garcia Balotabot


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