Do You Remember

Do you remember, the first time we met

It was ages ago when the world is at our feet

fate entwined our lives, inspired for a feat

A wonderful journey none of us see the beat.


Souls of different worlds of existence

Every time I touch your world that is full of brilliance

Amazement ruled me in persistence

Embracing your world at a distance


Do you remember  our momentous nights

A casual dinner to our soul’s delight

The moon and stars joined our  flight

To a wonderful journey of our life.


Do you remember our moments in the cafeteria

Savoring our soul’s at inertia

Unforgettable moments filled with euphoria

Reminiscing it gave me disequilibria


Do you remember how we made the sun shines

At night the moon climbs

They made them intertwined

And our souls well defined


Please remember all those moments

Search in your heart the wonderful endearments

Somehow gave our lives an excitement

To pursue our journeys with encouragement


Whatever may be the ending

Of this journey, we are having

Let us always remember, it is worth trying

         To pursue this wonderful friendship we are building


                                                                                         ~  Dr. Luzviminda Rivera

                                                                                        Tarlac Province, Philippines

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  1. Shreya Sharma

    This is beautiful 💜

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