Beauty and Rebel

I’m told, you are beautiful,

I’m told, you are precious,

I’m told, you are my heart,

Dear moon, by sun,

Let’s get married.


As we married,

Sooner I came to realize,

His heart resembles

“Plato’s cave”[1],

Walled from everywhere,

Denied me to see the open sky,

Renounced my liberty.


But I reminded him the fact that

In the Garden of Eden

I too had eaten

The Forbidden Fruits,

I too was blessed

With the legacy to defy.


                                                                    ~ Sushant Kumar B.K


Note: Plato’s cave, a famous fable in one of Plato’s dialogues (The Republic). People in this fable have been chained all their lives in a cave. They can’t see the world as it is, but only its shadows.

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