Back Off You Impostors!

Lost in thoughts she walked

Dreading who next would jump on her

With his/her weird advice

On what to say/do

Unwanted interference was at its peak

She wondered, ‘Am I so dumb that I need others to tell me how ..

I should lead my lonely life.

Is it not enough that my world has

Blown off like a pile of dry leaves

Leaving me…

At the mercy of such impertinent people?

Who has given them the right to be

My guardian angels?

Nothing but real pests they are..

Merry making in my house

They stay here not out of love for me


For an easy carefree life

Laughing, joking, enjoying

As if on a vacation!

No respect for my immeasurable loss they have

My need for some peace is beyond their comprehension

They nag me day & night with

Silly ideas & faking support

Why can’t people..

Keep their mouth shut at such difficult times?

Why can’t they give space to an already

Deeply troubled heart & mind?

Is it really necessary to have a say where it’s not needed at all?

Is it just because I’m a woman

They think I’m incapable of having any sense?

Back off all you nosy parkers!

Go back to your own house flooded with countless problems

Don’t think I’m unaware of what’s going on at your place

So now for a change my advice to all of you …

My so called ‘well wishers’ is..

Clean up your own dishes before trying to clean someone else’s!

Vacuum yourself that houses a heart & a mind..

Chalko block with evil thoughts

No sympathy you have for me

So what game are you playing now?

Just leave me alone

Neither your feigned love nor support

are required

Your selfish motives aren’t hidden from me either for..

I very well know who & what you are!

                                                                            ~Anuradha S.  Bannore

                                                                           Vadodara, India

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