Aura of Autumn

Can you hear the murmuring sound?

The yellow, orange leaves are falling on the ground.

Have you noticed the shortening of the duration of the day?

The refreshing breeze focuses the crisp fall mystery on the hay.

Yeah,  finally  the  Autumn  bell is ringing on your threshold,

The passing of the year is not too hot or too cold.

With its abundance beauty,

Fulfillment, richness, wisdom, and maturity,

with warm and vibrant colours, the landscape is richer.

Laying rare carpet beneath the trees without a care.

The dominant earthy smells of the Fall,

creating the classic musky sweet change of mood.

Sunny, warm weather harmonize the revival,

with the fragrance of spiritual festivals in full bloom.

The fruits and food seem ripe and tastier.

A serene romantic ambience created with the essence of beautiful flowers.

The Autumn is the image of preservation and protection,

acknowledging  growth, comfort, balancing natural evolution.


                                                                            ~Mondira Ganguly

                                                                              Bangalore, India


  1. Sudakshina Sengupta

    Beautiful poem

  2. Sudakshina Sengupta

    Beautiful poem by you mandy

  3. Minu Pradeep

    Lovely poem… creates such a vivid image in mind…

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