An Open Letter to Those Men Who Treat Girls as “Show-Pieces”

by Mursaleen Manzoor 

Dear men,

You were created as a guardian of the women in the world. You are a brother to that sister who never says no when it comes to sharing her chocolates with you. You are a son of that mother who tolerated pain while you were being so delicately taken out of her concealed womb. Then after gradually growing up, you were then to bind yourself with someone who could be your world. Once you are legally made to sign the marriage contract, yet another responsibility is added to the list of your duties and obligations. You are now called a “husband”. From a husband, there is yet another phase where you see yourself as a father of that little girl who sees in you a king – the mightiest yet the kindest.

I know you are aware of your status and position. Still, you rejoice in evil. You fake your perfection and trap some innocent girls who never know the phantasmic side of yours. Your masculinity dominates everywhere. I wonder if you have been blessed with so many forms, then how come would you ever love to see a girl roaming “naked”? How could you ever hit someone who is so fragile and delicate? Are you that weird? I wonder if such men even deserve to be a part of our earthly brethren! For some time, I want you to go for navel-gazing. Analyse your ideas and ask yourself what if someone tries to trespass against your wife? How would you feel? You are the saviors of the women’s fraternity. Unfortunately, you dance when they are exploited. You were supposed to safeguard their chastity. Alas! You are one of the culprits behind their immodesty.

Do you even recollect what your status is? It is said that if prostration was allowed to anyone other than God it would be a “husband”.Come on stop launching attacks on women. Stop seeing them as show-pieces. Show some maturity and a sense of responsibility. You are their shield. Protect them. Being well-dressed doesn’t qualify your merit. Your behaviour speaks volumes about who you are from inside. Mend your ways and revolutionize the outlook of life.

Imagine yourself to be the father of a girl who is exploited and tormented the way you torment the women-folk. How would you feel? Are you feeling chilling shivers running down your spine? The majority of the women – folk visualise a beast within you. They are scared to cross paths where you appear. You have been raping those who are yet to bloom. You cast an evil eye on every passing girl and then blame her dressing style when you commit crimes. Do you ever realise what you are up to? Have you ever thought about how your dead conscience laments its death? You are not less than an animal.

Dear men, be what you are supposed to be. Let us proudly say,” We live among the gems.”


About the Author: Mursaleen Manzoor have done masters in English Literature and political Science. She is a passionate writer. She has dedicated this story to her father and all the fathers of the world.


  1. Siddharth Khatri

    Oh This one is just fantastic.. Be what you are supposed to be deserves a standing ovation. Sheer Brilliance !

  2. Shah Mursaleen

    The biography carries a sentence “she dedicates this story to her father and all the fathers of the world” This sentence doesn’t hold valid for this write up. It may be an unintentional error while typing the topic.

  3. It’s true that females are blamed for all the treachery of the males, probably it’s so very easy to lay the blame at someone else’s doors. It’s the work of cowards …they have the guts to do immoral stuff but don’t have the courage to accept/ face it. This is the reality of a hippocratic life & society where men are put on a pedestal. Very well written.

  4. Very well written and neatly conveyed.

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