A Little Longer

I cannot take my care,
I do not want to care.
Nothing is wrong with me but I am utterly in despair.
I want to stay at my home a little longer.
To fall in the embrace of my mother.
To sigh a relieve of my tears,
To tell her that I feel very sad for myself.
That Mama you didn’t teach me about a man,
After father, you said he will understand .
Love is made up of elegies.
I am learning now to become strong.
But I am harsh upon myself,
Which is not fair.
Wrong love made me lost my innocence.
I was God’s child to be handled with love
In the give and take process I have lost the words fragrance.
Now my diary is blank,
My pen is full filled with ink.
I don’t touch them now they are dusty.
My boat full of dreams is drowning
And thousands of sojourners are sinking.
My prayers didn’t reach the sky,
Dada, your girl is too weak to fly.
The world is full of lies and so fake,
I never believed your words and that was my mistake.
All I know is to stay.
At my home a little longer.
So that I can come back with courage.
Like a beautiful daughter. Mama, I miss your scolding,
I miss your face,
I miss my home
And your lovely embrace.


                                                                       ~ Randhir Kaur

                                                                         Jorhat, India


  1. Nothing can be more painful than losing one you love so very dearly especially your Maa, mother who showers unselfish love & blessings on her children. Your poem reminded me of the time I lost my dearest Ma. Though gone physically but she lives in our ( brother & sisters) heart & will always be with us. I’m sure it’s the same for you too. It’s God’s law of life that what comes has to go away sooner or later.

  2. Randhir Kaur

    I tried to look it from the sight of a girl who is left to be a woman . She becomes a woman gradually and in between the chaos ,mother walks in. Maa never judges. She is exceptional. She is phenomenal.

    Thank you so much for having a good read. Much appreciated .

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