Month: January 2021



I have lived with the sun and the moon The stars guided me Into the night Quiet and dark Recollecting the silence I write in the night sky With all my senses. Adding patterns of words and making the night sky shine Through leaves and their shadows, the sky falls. […]


Group Therapy

Wind chimes. It’s going to rain tonight, thunder. I’m going to lead the group tonight talking about Rational Emotive Therapy, belief challenges thought change, Dr. Albert Ellis. I’m a hero in my self-worship, self-infused patient of my pain, thoughtful, probabilistic atheism with a slant toward Jesus in private. Rules roll […]


Pride & Prejudice: An Overview

by Anantinee Mishra   “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife” is the first sentence of Jane Austen’s highly acclaimed Pride & Prejudice. Published by Thomas Egerton on 28th January 1813, the famously everlasting […]


The Call of Winter…

The days are running and nights are crawling and the Sun seemed to have become lazy as it rises late, making us wait and go crazy. Every heart is longing for the warmth of it as the winter days are too cold for the old bones and skinny body. How […]


We Dance Life’s Rhythm

Magnificent moon shimmers! It’s bright light with the clouds peeps, The horizon is greatly enchanting. Satiating my desires, Soothing to my eyes. Immense luminescence, Showers abundance!   Let it be love, faith and hope! Let those envelop our world! Let those virtues dance And imbibe in our hearts, Then radiate […]


Endure Oh Resilience!

Oh kingdom breeze how do you come? From the north or south, From above or below?   You came with joy, you showered smiles. Over hills and plains, you sent your charm.   We felt your warmth. Just like Venus, we feel the touch. We lived, worked, dined, and drank. […]


When Her World Collapsed

The star- studded night the day before                              Enveloped with the rising moon                               Quietly slid away as the morn sunshine                                Hastily rode into the sky                                The sunbeams spread drowning the stars                                 The moon disappeared                                 Behind the gathering grey clouds                                Evening crept silently eliminating the […]


Beauty and Rebel

I’m told, you are beautiful, I’m told, you are precious, I’m told, you are my heart, Dear moon, by sun, Let’s get married.   As we married, Sooner I came to realize, His heart resembles “Plato’s cave”[1], Walled from everywhere, Denied me to see the open sky, Renounced my liberty. […]


Resilient Though

Sparkling tiny lights hover the dark sky, As tiny fairies at night play high. I heard the music of the gentle wind. Slowly caressing the leaves of the bamboo trees. Tall and erect are the guardians of the forest.   Someone screamed “A dark cloud is rushing” Fairies cried, wept […]