Future – How it is

by Daksh Khanna

Interstellar and Dark have something in common. If you give the attention they are based on the concepts where the future influences the past, the bootstrap paradox. In Interstellar Cooper; when inside the black hole, in morse code, gives the solution to Murphy. The sixth episode of season three of Dark explains the quantum entanglement.

The Labyrinth

Life is mysterious. It puts us in a circumstance and we have two possible effects; we act or we don’t. Both are actions in their respect and are connected to their outcomes. The question is how we make decisions? We do not reason, we are emotional beings. Masses believe they are making conscious judgments but are more influenced by their amygdala(s) (the emotional part). Humans surmise they understand the world but the perceptions are a projection of the hardcore beliefs. Another question that pops up is are our decisions influenced? Yes. They are swayed by the aspect of the impressions which make us who we are, experiences, and memories. If we are formulating conclusions without reasoning, based on the patterns which shape our identity, do humans have free will?

The Possibilities

Here is the most intriguing notion, intuition. We have all had those “aha” moments; where we know what should be done, how do we know? We don’t know. The visionary founder of Apple believed in the power of intuition. At Stanford in 2005, he said “You have to trust in something,” “Your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.” He added, “This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.” Think and Grow Rich, the Law of Attraction, and the Secret divulge the exquisite concept. The crown of the creation is the alchemists.

Being a part of a spiritually adept family, I was always told: “Everything that happens, happens for good”. It is not a mantra to success but is very much imprinted in my DNA. A child’s mind is like clay, pliable, the ability to question is not adamant so they believe what is taught. These ideas get an expression in every possible way. One such idea is regarding the absolute power governing the universe, the omnipotent God. Does he exist? Yes and No; depends on the perception of people. Our omniscient father heeds our prayers and responds accordingly, we are unable to interpret. Parmahansa Yogananda; one of the most prominent yogis who breathed and strolled on the soil of India, his story transpires the subtle dimension of human experience. The seekers of the ultimate, experience nature the way it is beyond the sway of psychological drama.

Last Remark

I started scientifically and ended on a spiritual note. That’s how my life is and that is how science and spirituality are. Spirituality is science; the practice where we only believe if we have experienced something. Religion on the other hand prevails on beliefs.

Humans can manifest their wild imaginations as reality if they wish. We have examples around. Similarly, humans can live like sheep obeying the Shepard. What way do you wish to live? Now think again, do you have free will?

About the Author:

Daksh is a joyful spiritual seeker, who is striving to discover his purpose in the creator’s cosmic drama. He loves to jot down his random musings and is an avid reader of ancient Indian philosophy and yogic sciences.


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