The Painful Love

When I stand in the drizzly rain

My mind gets occupied in bane

Heart experiences unbearable strain

The memory of the past cause a heart sprain

As it’s being whipped with a betrayal cane


Now that she is gone causing my heart stain

I keep thinking of her, although nothing to gain

I question myself, whether I am sane

To keep recalling of the gone days in vain

And drowning self into the plethora of pain


My life took me through the most difficult terrain

I try my best for my living must sustain

Food that causes health implications I restrain

I try to laugh with friends but hidden sadness remains

All my effort to forget you has gone in disdain


My heart is often cautioned by my brain

That my health must be properly maintained

On the world where honesty find difficult to sustain

Not to be loyal to the one who left us in disdain

But loyal to your love, forever I remain


~Deepak Raj Chetri 


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  1. JuvyLyn Gando

    Pain will always be a part of life, but whatever the circumstances are, try to find the positivity and learning from experiences.Be strong and keep the faith!

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