The District Library

I have heard that in European countries,

the grocery stores are locked down on some

occasions but not the group study rooms.

The district library was shut down after two days

When I became a member of it.

It was laden with unnumbered books.

The books been caged like a culprit who be a perpetrator of some colossal crime.

Many useful books are rotting in the archives,

The bad policies of government played a great

politics to close up the district library.

Whenever some visitors try to enter

the library,

The peon stops them with the loud voices

from entering,

‘Don’t visit here again,

No one is here’.

Wittingly the government doesn’t want to adopt the new employees.

Because it is the mentality of the powers that be,

voters wouldn’t vote them if they become highbrowed.


                                                                ~ Harjeet Singh


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