The Corruption of Idea and Thought

by Khubaib Mujtaba

The world of human sciences is progressing and constructing different dragons that breathe fire. Underneath these influential dragons, the intellectual are caged in multiple brutal ideological apparatuses that promote the manipulation of thought and at the same time disregard any kind of originality in it. Since the history of mankind different and distinct forces are at play in order to alter the due functioning of human society. These forces during the course of time attained maturity and so-called purity, getting metamorphosed into dragons, whose eradication became almost impossible since the nineteenth century. The particular “event” that occurred in the recent century cemented the roots of such forces, thus the presence of these dragons is to be found in almost all institutions be it social, religious, economic, or political.

Every human being in honest terms fuels the fire of these dragons eventually getting trapped up in existential crises. The basic aim of these dragon structures is to attain a level where the human mind freely and critically accepts their discourse. This discourse when in function altogether freezes the originality of human society. To be precise the manipulation of human thought started with the first man and it continues to date, but unfortunately, in recent decades this process reached its paramount and achieved tremendous success. In each society, there are a certain number of intellectuals who define and decide the “truth” and the “other” people are allowed to analyse the statements in an elusive free domain. Hence a relation is maintained where on one side intellectuals design discourse and on the other “manipulated subjects” are free to accept this discourse as the ultimate form of knowledge.

On knowledge different theories have been drafted by the greatest minds; some of them totally ignoring the “spiritual” aspect while the other weighing spiritual more over the “attained”. Men possess knowledge of two different types; both these types are inscribed on the hearts and minds of men by two different “phases”. Since the sources and the “phases” are different, the nature and intrinsic property of knowledge are different. Knowledge and “attained” knowledge are poles apart, the latter being flawed and the former being pure devoid of any propaganda.

The propagandist or attained knowledge is subjected to increase the demand for elusive material based structures. In modern times of science achieving the impossible, flawed knowledge plays a great role in the corruption of the human mind and thought. The manipulated subjects are driven into a silver box(discourse) out of which a subject is prohibited and halted from imagining.

About the Author:

Khubaib Mujtaba hails from Kashmir and her interest are Philosophy and Literature.

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