The precious treasure on the earth is life

Some simply lose it to rope and knife

Without realizing the effort and strife

And the sacrifices made till now to survive


Not thinking of the amount of pain a mother undergoes

Carrying us in her stomach experiencing foes

Throughout our life, loved ones and relatives strive

One takes a blunt decision to cease their life


When one is put into the furnace of troubles

One takes it as a never-ending hurdles

To a small problems surrender one’s life never

There is nothing on earth that last forever


Temporary are all the joy, pleasure and pain

Embracing them with a depth of devotion one must refrain

Once the feeling of joy or agony is gone, there is nothing to lose or gain

Back to the normal functioning of the body and mind, we remain


The pain or sufferings in life one must not hide

Only when shared with close ones, they will guide

Us to help solve the problems that one might stride

Simply sharing our problems will prevent terrific suicide


~ Deepak Raj Chetri

Bhutan, India 


  1. JuvyLyn Gando

    Good to hear the message to help prevent suicide!A wonderful write-up.

  2. Such writings are rare, it can change the mind. Such articles will help many if available everywhere, in forums, streets, and media.

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