Silent Wounded Soul

In the dazzling roads of city,

Amongst the total strangers,

Whom should I tell saga of woes,

I feel intimidation and dangers.


Dark abyss inside my core, needs

An empathic – sensitive ear,

No one is, frankly, interested

In a tragic tale – I fear.


I am destined to bear and suffer

My wounds and my agony,

My pain is mine only, in a

Crowded place – it’s an irony.


My love for him was my obsession,

Our separation was my destiny,

He, too was a part of that plot,

I have, now, found this epiphany.


The silent anguish of lovelorn, is

Like a frozen fire in the heart,

I feel the burning sensation, but

Smile –I have learnt that art.


~ Sudha Dixit

Bangalore, India

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