Second Chance

Here on earth we only live once,

You are lucky if you have given the second chance,

Do good deeds and leave a legacy,

That the next generation will benefit and be happy.


Live life to the very fullest,

Remain your soul to its purest,

Don’t waste time, no for procrastination,

Blame no one when you reach your final destination.


Time is gold, spend it wisely,

Do all things that are vital for the Almighty,

Let your loved ones feel that they are loved,

Nobody knows if tomorrow you are still alive.


Given the chance to prove something is a blessing,

Prove that you are worthy cause they are believing,

Everyone deserves for a second chance,

Since second time around has a sweeter romance.



                                                                                       ~ Lanilyn Bernardez Mercado

                                                                                      Caloocan City, Philippines

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