Purpose of Life

by Sowjanya M

Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting. Isn’t it?

Few days back I saw a jackfruit tree that was axed almost completely because a building was being renovated and this tree was causing hindrance and in addition to that this is the garden city where trees will be axed otherwise rains might uproot some old trees that are not so deeply rooted and the ones that had to have a share with concrete and the soil.

This jack-fruit tree was chopped leaving only its trunk and the trunk was laden with bunches of big fruits. That scene to me, was as if the tree was trying to tell us that although it has lost everything it has not forgotten giving. It was heart-wrenching to see those fruits and realize how they stand as a correlation to many of us.

The great use of life is to spend it on something that outlasts it. Isn’t it?

As I pondered further I thought about it, the more they begin to make sense. The purpose of life, the meaning of life is that life by itself cannot give love and peace, it is left to us to fill it with love and peace. Love for others and peace for all. Nobody or no material can lead us to happiness, it all lies in our hands to see through the right lens.

There is no greater joy than the feeling of gratitude rather than holding out hope for return favors.

One can be truly grateful for the privileges of having family, a home to stay in, a phone to contact our near and dear one, and sufficient pair of clothes regardless of changing seasons. A vast section of this world does not have these privileges.

We all can give whatever we can from wherever we are and not think who I am but whose I am, that is where we belong to this world and to give, spread smiles and peace. Let us understand the difference between the needs and wants, hoarding and managing, throwing away, and decluttering.

Spread the joy of giving, sharing, and helping, though be little, and make sure you put in your effort to help others. Most importantly the biggest help that we can do to others is, if we can’t help others we should not hurt or harm others in anyways. If we can’t help them in materialistic ways you can always help them with your kind words being moral support.

While we all know that the left hand should not be knowing what the right is doing, there are lots of people bragging about their donations and contributions to society during the pandemic times and there are numerous genuine responsible citizens assuaging the damage and loss caused by the global pandemic. Sharing the thoughtful purpose is right but sharing what we gave and how much we gave is needless to be shared unless otherwise, it has to be accounted for by the ones we share with.

About the Author:

Sowjanya M is a software tester by profession and lives in Bengaluru. She is passionate about writing and her penchant for writing has helped voice her opinions by writing blogs on various topics and views on her blog site.

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