Not Just Another Halloween

by Adrian Fisga Luague 

Dark clouds cover the once blue sky. There was a moment of deafening silence and a restless stillness. Not a single leaf seem to rustle as if it was frozen in time. Not even a shrill chirp of birds can be heard. The temperature drops and starts to chill every bone. It wasn’t dark either, the surrounding seems to be spellbound or bewitched in the gloom.

Suddenly, a bright lightning flashed amidst the dark flock of clouds and a booming thunderbolt defied the eerie silence. Fierce winds blow from the southwest, uprooting the century-old mango tree. Large raindrops fall, soon a violet rain enveloped the countryside.

Carlos and his mother utter a prayer as they kneel before a broken altar. Holding the holy rosary with both hands, the duo remains calm and reassured.

“Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you….” the cottage door was harshly thrown by the strong winds. Carlos starts shaking, not of fear or horror but he is cold. He knuckles his small fist and watches the candlelight sways with the wind.

“Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus….” The flickering light soon was extinguished. There was a long pause— everything seems to be still.

“Holy Mary, Mother of God… pray for us, sinners….” There was a distinct plea of desperation in the mother’s voice, as she continues to chant.

“…now, and at the hour of our ….death…” A strong wind blew off the cottage’s roof. The rage of the wind and sea is answered by a rushing roar from the highlands.

Flood flashed and carried trees, houses, and all unfortunate living souls into the roaring sea. “…Amen.”

A series of lightning strikes and thunderbolts flashed… then, the heavy rain starts to cease….. the wind becomes gentler…. the sea waves in tranquil…. and there was a total silence

This is my story. I am Carlos, a child of unfulfilled dreams, haunted down by Typhoon Rolly’s claws. Oh, humankind! Remember and pray for those who fell on the darkest hours of the night.

About the Author:

Adrian Fisga Luague is a young rising poet, author, and translator from the Republic of the Philippines. Born on June 01, 1999 in the small town of Miagao; he is a graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education, major in General Education. His literary works appears on several magazines, periodicals, journals, anthologies, and other online and print media.

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