My Pet Dog

Animals are the best de-stressors.

Adopted dogs reduce

feelings of loneliness.


Researchers have found that people

with pets have lower heart rate and

blood pressure level.


With stressful circumstances,

loneliness can’t be avoided

but a pet dog can create



He rushes to welcome you

as he hears you coming home

His joyful barks are music to ears.


My faithful dog is jumping and

always playing with me

when I go to the park.


My pet dog loves to jump on my

lap, sit on my sofa, and sleep on

my bed, he, who is really great,

 never troubles anyone.


He gently licks my hands, when

I am alone, I always talk

                 to my pet dog.


                                                       ~ Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar

                                                     New Delhi, India

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