My Mother’s Hand

When I was baby

Mother always carry me

Whenever I feel empty

She’s feeding me naturally.


When I started walking and talking

She was there and never been gone

An angel accessible in hardships or fun

Constantly helping, teaching and caring.


Mother unselfishly extends her hand

Guiding me through the time

Her unconditional love is forever

My heart discern especially when we’re together.


To youngster her hands are inclined to share

Assisting in adversity to manifest support and care

At moment I’m unwell her presence is just there

Keeping an eye on me and offering a prayer.


So when she’s aged and feeling down

I’ll be her brawn and invariably be around

I’m willing to revest the love and care

Nurture she had for me when I was innocent and unaware.



                                                                                                                                  ~ Juvylyn L. Gando

                                                                                                                                        QC, Philippines



  1. Rosella Dacquel

    Congrats to your mama and to you!

  2. Rebecca F. Bermudez

    The truest true being motherhood,,,a very thought provoking composition!!! A tribute to all mothers… Congratulations Poetess Ma”am Juvylyn Gando… What a lovely poem of yours!!!

  3. Congratulations, one who respect and care for mother is another angel.

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