I am More Like You

I was like an empty pitcher

till you filled the void with subtleties of love

I sat like a dumb doll

pining for respite from the womb of decay

season after season passed

echoes of deafening silence…

haunted my mind’s foggy pathway

I bloomed …when you painted me with your hue

your loving gesture silenced thousand muffled moans

pampered my crushed soul

I gladly shed old ensembles

was ready to born anew

million dreams hidden under crevices of unspoken words

overhauled for an instant brew


O! Alchemist

you have cast me in a strange amalgam

your gentle but deft strokes

have chiseled a new me out of plain and non-glamorous

now I am more like you

you may agree or differ


Yet, I do not know

why….I pine for my carefree days

nuggets of childhood wrapped in innocence

countless unbridled joy bunched to moments

my mind spins a different yarn

every time I fondly recall our first date

where you vowed to love me dearly till last breath

and your quaint whispers to embrace me in toto

I want to be more like me…. one more time

just help me be.



                                                                              ~ Sujata Dash 

                                                                                Bhubaneswar, India


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