For How Long

It has been months

The world is under your threat

Greatest scientists and researchers

Were challenged to your existence

Medical doctors, nurses and other health practitioners continue to risk their lives

Police enforcers and other peacekeepers

were- tapped to prevent chaos ——

Many lives succumb to your

Merciless killings

For how long ……

The world will be in fear and panic

People will be wearing a mask

Social distance for who did not live at home

Children were forced to stay at home

Everybody was forced to vow

To the “new normal”

For How long…..

This life of uncertainty

Will harbor our mind and hearts

Creating hopelessness and futility

That is hard to subdue…

For how long…

A breakthrough in medicine

Will be discovered

To stop the virus

Destroying humanity

For how long…

Nobody could give an answer

Not even the brilliant creation

Powerful countries couldn’t stop the virus

For How long..

Everything will be normal again.

The answer is written

In heaven’s powerful Living God.


                                                                                     ~  Dr. Luzviminda Rivera


                                                                                       Tarlac Province, Philippines

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