In my twilight zone, at the edge of horizon,

I simply glance back to face my demons,

Which often haunt me and envision angels,

Whose mere glimpse summons joy in tons


I see rainbows in myriad vibrant shades,

Purple, blue, pink, indigo and scarlet,

A grayish tinge intermittently appears,

Follows green, orange, yellow and violet


I don’t want to acknowledge and entertain

Those frightening and menacing shadows,

Through chinks I let inside joy and delight,

On dark ghosts, I’ve closed my core’s windows


Moving with speeding time’s velocity,

I’ve left behind the unpleasant past,

I never believed in specters and phantoms,

I was always supposed to be an iconoclast


But I cannot belie the fantasies and dreams,

Cannot forget bitter-sweet memories,

Now, I do not have anything else to do but

Keep brooding or indulge in idle reveries


My Karma catches up with me,

I’m just a soul, I realize

After making amends for my sins,

I’ll achieve my goal and my grand prize.


                                                                     ~Sudha Dixit


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