Double Role

A cinematic flair for the real austerity of life

An absolving of the body and mind

The differences between them are labeled double role

The true self—an acting tool,

Acting strangely and

Tottering in the rush of civilization

With double role on the loose

Not merging the action and compliance

The rules of violated principles mutilate the possibilities of wonder

Heaven’s gates are guarded;

Goodness granted no in and out—willingly.

Hell’s bell ring the silence

It echoes the silence of meaning

For the earthly ears—


Unuttered and not interpreted.

The unheard and unsung disappearing with the darkness

In absence of light—wants to play double role with light and dark;

Only fondling in the darkness

And no goodly lit lightness.

Artist dies and art lives, a double role enacted

Perpetual damnation is rejuvenated when

Learners accept the learned.


                                                             ~ Sushant Thapa 

                                                               Biratnagar, Nepal 

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